Today, I beat Mazen Gamal from Egypt 3-0, after having won my first qualifying match 3-0 yesterday. I am feeling good, and I play Leo Au from HongKong tomorrow, at 1930hrs Qatar time. 

Below is an excerpt from squashsite (Qatar Squash Open En Briefs)

"The Tall Man from Egypt will be disappointed with his match. He was not able to impose his attacking squash upon a Campbell whose accuracy was spot on today. Those two have a bit of the same type of squash, strong all around, good fitness, and lovely drop/counterdrop, sprinkled with a lot of determination and hunger (plus, 30 both of them!)

The New Zealander – supported by his NZ fellow players, Evan Williams and Paul Coll, contained the Egyptian beautifully today, playing some excellent deep and tight squash, allowing him to counter attack some lovely shots coming from the Egyptian Racquet.

Mazen, advised by a few Egyptians – Reda, Abou, Zahed and Mohamed Farid  -  still managed to surprise the NZ with his attacking boasts – in particular on the backhand – but the Egyptian never looked comfortable, couldn’t find his pace or rhythm, having his time on the ball taken away from him.

A good performance from Campbell who seems very keen to take on whoever is thrown at him. Good attitude and nice to chat with the NZ, I didn’t managed to do that for a while, and it was nice…" 

Hope that I play well- wish me luck!